Engine Oil,Grease,Gear Oil and Industrial Oil Provider

Mahtab Grease, kooshesh21 st,banafsheh sq, Fajr Industrial Park, Garmsar, Semnan, Iran





Mahtab Grease Company is equipped with laboratory and quality control units, approved by Bureau of Standards. The company is responsible for quality control,and the quality of products and raw materials. It has trained needed expertise throughBureau of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.


The final product is inspected by quality control unit, and if the product is in accordance with standards, packaging allowance will be issued by quality control unit, and the results will be record in laboratory register.


Manufacture serial, date of packing, described experiments, the name of product, how to match it with the necessary standards, and all necessary measures for the production are presented.Identifying each product is possible by visiting quality control office at any time. In addition, access to test results for each product is allowed. All products are manufactured in accordance with Standardization Organization of Iran.